Patronship of the 7 Thao Wessuwan Gesture Collection by “Devhatasilpakom”
Devhatasilpakom translates as art created in the images of heavenly gods and mystical deities which is imbued with intangible supernatural powers based on the following 7 principles:

The Seven Factors of Awakening
The Seven Scriptures of “The Abhidhamma Pitaka” (“Basket of Higher Doctrine” )
The Seven Thao Wessuwan gestures of different supernatural powers
The Seven “Satta Loha” types of metals used in the amulets
The Seven types of metals and metal alloys used in the amulets
The “heart” of each Seven Thao Wessuwan gestures
Enhancing the “heart” of each Thao Wessuwan gesture with the mantra :

“Sang vi tha pu ka ya pa” (the heart of the The Abhidhamma Pitaka”)

This highly sacred “Sang vi tha pu ka ya pa” mantra is also called “SattaKhambhira Visarawan” and seeks his holiness Thao Wessuwan to send his avatar to descend and reside in all 7 gestures, so that those who possess them are protected, supported, provided with inner fulfillment, and blessed with abundant happiness.

Reserve the Thao Wessuwan Collection - Edition 1

Reserve Gesture One, “Rai Phra Vate” (Delivering the Sacred Mantra)

Reservations now available for a limited number of 1,777 amulets at 1,777 baht each, with certified ownership rights to the NFT artwork.

Amulets in “Satta Loha” metal, encased in box covered in pure Thai silk.

Reservations now available for a limited number of 1,777 statuettes with weight in gold equal to 3 baht ( grams : I’ll fill this out myself) at 999,999 baht each, with certified ownership rights to the NFT artwork.

Statuette size – 17 inches tall

Statuettes feature Thao Wessuwan's almighty baton in either 1) “Mekhasit” metal decorated with fine jewels, or 2) Pure “Ratanachart” metal decorated with gold weighing  3 Thai baht (1 Thai baht gold weights 15.15 grams) .

A traditional full-scale sacred ceremony for all 1,777 new owners of Thao Wessuwan statuettes will be collectively held when the statuettes are created.

The ceremony will be of immense auspicious value to all the new 1,777 owners and to the creators of this magical Thao Wessuwan collection.


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