Thao Wessuwan 7 Gesture

ปาง ร่ายพระเวทย์
“Rai Phra Vate”
(Delivering the Sacred Mantra)
ปาง อุจฉาวสุ
“Uadsha Vasu”
(Wealth and Prosperity Comes as Wished Upon )
ปาง ธเนศวร ครองทรัพย์
“Dha ne suan”
(God of Great Wealth, Presides Over Material Riches)
ปาง โองการท้าวกุเวรุ
“Ongkarn Thao Kuveru”
(Prosperity by Order of the Giant God of Wealth)
ปาง เจริญสุข
“Cha roen suk”
(Eternal Happiness Through Spiritual Liberation)
ปาง ยักษราชุ
“Yaksa Rachu”
(In Battle Against All Unwanted or Evil)
ปาง  เวสสุวัณ ฉาย รตนฆร
“Vessuvan shaya ratanakara”
(Auras of the Emanation of Lord Buddha)

Devhatasilpakom translates as art created in the images of heavenly gods and mystical deities, thus imbued with intangible supernatural powers based on the foundations of the Dhamma. Devhtasilpakom is destined to become a priceless element of Buddhist observance, a rare treasure signifying your family’s devout heritage, and a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

“ Devhatasilapkom Collection I - 7 Thao Wessuwan Gestures ”

Thao Wessuwan - Gesture One
“Rai Phra Vate” (Delivering the Sacred Mantra)

His holiness stands, hands placed in a lotus position atop a gilded baton. This “Rai Phra Vate” gesture shows Thao Wessuwan delivering the sacred “Atanatiya Parit” mantra that holds magical powers to uplift one’s spirits, prevent misfortunes and vanquish evil spirits. The centuries-old ceremony “Suad Phan Yak,” (The Giant Speaks) sees the chanting of the “Atanatiya Parit” to protect against ghosts, demons and evil spirits.

Those who hold this divine “Rai Phra Vate” gesture in their possession are sure to encounter abundant prosperity and experience great happiness throughout their lives. The sacred “Atanatiya Parit” mantra was delivered directly to Lord Buddha himself by all four Heavenly Kings, thus increasing its strength to glorious mystical effect.

Chant to recite when worshiping this “Rai Phra Vate” gesture:

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambudhassa (repeat 3 times)
Parittang Mangrabkhantu sappata

May I ask all 7 esteemed holiness of Thao Wesuwan to bestow upon me the magical powers of the “Atanatiya Parit to protect me and care for me from now to eternity”

One Universal Mantra for All 7 Gestures

Owners of all 7 Thao Wessuwan gestures will find the concise mantra to be supremely effective:

“Sang vi tha pu ka ya pa”

Each of the 7 terms in this “Sang vi tha pu ka ya pa” mantra expresses the power of one of “The Seven Abhidhamma Pitaka Scriptures” (Basket of Higher Doctrine). Each term herewith was derived by distilling the essence of each of the 7 scriptures, being :

“Sang” from “Dhammasankhani” - First Scripture
“vi” from “Vibhang thatukatha” – Second Scripture
“tha” from “Thatukatha” – Third Scripture
“pu” from “Pukkala banyat” – Fourth Scripture
“ka” from Kathavatthu – Fifth Scripture
“ya” from “Yamaga” – Sixth Scripture
“Pat” from “Pattatharn” – Seventh Scripture

“May all the mystic supernatural powers of the 7 Scriptures descend from the vaulted heavenly sphere and reside within each and every Thao Wessuwan gesture, thus bringing to their owners and creators the strength to attain their hopes and dreams for earthly prosperity, and the serenity to reach their aspirations for eternal spiritual fulfillment.