The Creators

Devhatasilpakom is incredibly fortunate to have 4 talented and conscientious creators whose inspiration and artistry have brought our dream of the 7 Thao Wessuwan gestures to a stunning reality. Each of the 4 members of this team is recognized as one of the very finest craftsmen in their respective fields. Together they contribute their individual skills to the profound sense of reverence and highest levels of esteem to these captivating works of art. As a unified team of 4 dedicated collaborators, their painstaking devotion parallels the blessings of the 4 Heavenly Kings of Thao Wessuwan who rule over the 4 corners of the world:

Thao Viroonhok - Ruler of the South
Thao Viroonpak - Ruler of the West
Thao Thatarot - Ruler of the East
Thao Wessuwan - Ruler of the North

Together the 4 Heavenly Kings arrived as avatars and bestowed their divine blessings upon our wishes for the successful completion of the Thao Wessuwan statuettes and amulets, granting us, as the 4 Devhatasilpakorn creators, the gift of sacred inspiration:

1.Praphandhakorn (Designer who envisioned and created all 7 Thao Waesuwan gestures)

– Mr. Pornchai Klaeothanong -

2.Praphandhakom (Author of all 7 Thao Wasuwann mantras)

- Mr.Rujipas Sayttapiboonwattana -

3.Phandhakornmetha (Digital MetaWorld)

- Mr. Pornchai Vongkrajang -

4.Phandhakorn (Production lead coordinator)

- Mr. Sheeva Lapintangsutti -

5.AnuPraphandhakorn – Assistant to the Praphandhakorn

- Mr. Chakkraphat Klaeothanong –

Praphandhakorn (Pra phan dha korn) in Thai means creator. Here, the praphandhakorn, is Mr. Pornchai Klaeothanong also known as “Eak Lama,” the gifted artist who created all 7 Thao Wessuwan gestures. He was inspired to sketch and sculpt these original images from unimaginable visions, causing their creation to materialize. In English he would be called the “author.” In French the “auteur,” and in German the “urheber.” Each of these terms originate from the Latin word “auctor,” as in God, the “creator” or “originator” of all life on earth. As one who creates and brings forth earthly form from a previous state of non-existence, the Thai word “praphandhakorn” can best be translated as “creator”.

Praphandhakom ( Pra phan dha kom) means to write, compose, and arrange mantras so their phrasing sounds pleasing, beautiful, and meaningful. The mantras are recited in blessed ceremonies to consecrate sacred talismans and images of angels, Gods, and other deities. Here, the praphandhakom is Mr. Rujipas Sayttapiboonwattana or “Arjarn Rujipas” whose compositions ensure that all ceremonial mantras used in the creation of Thao Wessuwann statuettes and amulets of different gestures are beautifully written, composed, arranged, and expressed with all the essential elements to make them magically powerful and effective.

Phandhakornmetha (Pra phan dha korn metha) refers to one who connects tangible elements in their current earthly form to the ethereal realm of the digital world, to inhabit the virtual-reality space of the MetaWorld. Here, the phandhakornmetha is Mr. Pornchai Vongkrajang who is responsible for the transition of physical images of all 7 gestures of Thao Wessuwan statuettes and amulets into the realm of the MetaWorld, a marvelous new existential evolution of great significance in humanity’s immediate future. Phandhakornmetha combines the Thai word “Phandhakorn”and the concept of “MetaWorld” to signify the bridge between the physical world and the non-physical digital world.

Phandhakorn (Phan-dha-korn) refers to the one who unites all the best creative elements that contribute to a complex metaphysical creation and brings them together for the final stupendous outcome. Here, the phandhakorn is Mr. Sheeva Lapintangsutti who is the lead producer for Thao Wessuwan statuettes and amulets, coordinating logistics and controlling all of the project’s production aspects. The phandhakorn thus plays an essential role in guiding the production to completion, ensuring its ultimate success. His skill for bringing the team’s efforts together into a singular integrated vision elevates the intricate artistry and spirituality of the project to awe-inspiring heights.

AnuPraphandhakorn (Anu pra phan dha korn) is the spirited right-hand assistant to the principal creator. Here, the anuPraphandhakorn to Mr. Pornchai Klaeothanong, or “Eak Lama,” is Mr. Chakkraphat Klaeothanong, who provides indispensable support and thoughtful assistance to Mr. Pornchai, serving as a reliable and inexhaustible reliable second pair of arms, legs, eyes and ears, he stands by to offer whatever help is needed to handle any duty that may arise. He shadows Mr. Pornchai during every meticulous step that must be taken to ensure the highest levels of excellence are maintained throughout this deeply important creative endeavor.

As “phandhakorn” means “creator,” it can be humbly acknowledged that these 5 Devhatasilpakom creators have dedicated their efforts to serve Lord Buddha, and to assist his holiness in spreading his divine teachings far and wide, boundlessly around the globe and eternally into the future.