7 Thao Wessuwan Amulets in 7 Celestial Gestures
by Devhatasilpakom

The 7 Thao Wessuwan amulets are cast in 7 distinct metals and unique metal alloys, carefully chosen for their exquisite beauty and mystical properties. All prices stated will include the magical number 7, imbued with timeless supernatural power.
The heavenly and supernatural events surrounding Lord Buddha’s birth as a Bodhisattva, an exceptional and rare individual on the path toward “full awakening” to become Buddha, represents a profound and transcendental occurrence witnessed.
Before becoming Lord Buddha, his supreme holiness was Prince Siddhartha who was born a prince in Lumbini between the cities of Kapilavastu and Thaewaha in northern India near the border with Nepal. Upon his birth under the Sal Tree, after emerging from his mother’s womb, the infant prince turned his face northward, raised his index finger toward the skies, and took 7 steps. As the solid ground all across the vast, endless universe shook and trembled, he declared loudly and boldly :
“I am the greatest on earth. I am the most supreme on earth. I am the mightiest on earth. This is my last life. There will be no longer be any more rebirths.”
Lord Buddha’s first 7 steps at birth in essence represent The Seven Factors of Awakening, the 7 elements of “inner wealth” one must grasp to attain enlightenment.

These 7 Elements are :

1. Sati – Mindfulness

2. Thamma Vijaya – Investigation

3. Viriya – Effort

4. Piti – Rapture or joy

5. Passatthi – Tranquility

6. Smathi - Concentration

7. Oubegkha – Equanimity

These first 7 steps also represents Lord Buddha’s dissemination of his teachings to 7 surrounding regions where he shared the lessons of one’s liberation from all forms of sufferings through the essence of the Dharma. No man had ever embarked on such a significant spiritual endeavor to spread meaningful and relevant guidance toward achieving true inner peace and happiness. It was soon seen that Lord Buddha’s presence and his teachings brought light to the darkest corners. It was the radiant light of total liberation that shone more brightly and far more brilliantly than rays of the sun and the moon.

As creators of these 7 Thao Wessuwan gesture amulets, we at Devhatasilpakom include this auspicious number 7 or “satta,” meaning 7, in seeking his holiness, Lord Buddha’s blessings and guidance towards liberation. These 7 initial steps lead to pathways that all spiritual travelers should follow toward spiritual growth and fulfillment.
Lord Buddha has shone his light on this crucial path for more than 2,500 years and this path will remain as bright as ever into the future until the close of the current Buddha era spanning 5,000 years.

We at Devhatasilpakom humbly ask his holiness that his supreme character, conduct, and the awesome supernatural powers of his limitless spiritual essence shall be present and deeply embedded within all Thao Wessuwan creations, so that success, prosperity and happiness shall be graciously bestowed upon all owners of Thao Wesuwann and their creators as we all follow Lord Buddha in his first 7 steps toward “full awakening.”

Devhatasilpakom translates as art in the images of heavenly gods and mystical deities. Such art is imbued with hidden supernatural powers arising from the magical mantras used in their creation. They are mantras that hold immense auspicious value, as they call for assistance to avoid misfortune, protect from evil spirits, bring luck, lead to success, attract wealth, and clear the path to eternal happiness, all emerging from the following 7 principles:

The Seven Factors of Awakening

The Seven Scriptures of The “Abhidhamma Pitaka” (“Basket of Higher Doctrine” )

The Seven Thao Wessuwan gestures of different supernatural powers

The Seven “Satta Loha” types of metals used in the amulets

The Seven types of metals and metal alloys used in the amulets

The “heart” of each Seven Thao Wessuwan gestures

Enhancing the “heart” of each Thao Wessuwan gesture with the mantra :

“Sang vi tha pu ka ya pa” (The heart of the Adhidhamma Pitaka)

Each of the 7 terms in this “Sang vi tha pu ka ya pa” mantra expresses the power of
one of “The Seven “Abhidhamma Pitaka Scriptures” (Basket of Higher Doctrine).
This highly sacred “Sang vi tha pu ka ya pa” mantra, also known as “SattaKhambhira Visarawan”, seeks his holiness Thao Wessuwan to send his avatar to descend and reside in all 7 gestures, so that those who possess them are protected, supported, provided with inner fulfillment, and blessed with abundant happiness.
The collection of Thao Wessuwan amulets in the 7 different gestures include:

Collection 1 – Amulet in gold, 20 grams (1 Thai baht weight in gold is equivalent to 15.6 grams). Encased in a box covered in pure Thai silk.

Collection 2 – Amulet in silver with hand painted red enamel. Encased in a box covered in pure Thai silk.

Collection 3 – Amulet in silver. Encased in a box covered in pure Thai silk.

Collection 4 – Amulet in “Nawaloha” (an alloy of 9 metals – nua shin [lead and tin], bornite [peacock ore], ferric iron, pure copper, mercury, copper, silver and gold). Encased in a box covered in pure Thai silk.

Collection 5 – Amulet in “Sam Kasat” (Three Kings), 3 metals - copper, bronze and silver. Encased in a box covered in pure Thai silk.

Collection 6 - Amulet in Alpaca Silver (an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc). Encased in a box covered in pure Thai silk.

Collection 7 – Amulet in “Satta Loha” (an alloy of iron, mercury, copper, silver, gold, pure copper and bornite [peacock ore). Encased in a box covered in pure Thai silk.